Semi-Exclusive Bonuses For  Top Affiliates

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Bonus #1

Database of 1.2 Million USA Business & 1 Million Restaurants

This is a "Robust and Searchable" database of over 1.2 million businesses in the USA that are potential clients for a VR tour service.

PLUS an additional 1 million restaurants in the USA that are in dire need of this service to remain in business.

When you combine this bonus with the strategy that'll be revealed in the "Fail-Proof Virtual Tour Selling Accelerator Programme", you'll be able to close your first client in LITERALLY days.

Bonus #2

4 Easy Stories That Bring In Sales

Story sells - make no mistake about it! There's hardly a copywriting formula or sales process that doesn't have stories in it. Stories helps you to grab and keep attention, build interest and desire, touch the emotions and pain points of your prospects and helps you make your message resonate...

Haven generated millions of dollars in revenue online over the years, we sat back to review and tweak some of the story patterns & formulas we've used repeatedly - and that has worked every single time.

So we came up with just 4 major story patterns, broken down and well taught and compressed into a short video training(about an hour) - if you pick up access to VideoTours360 ULTIMATE today, this training will be yours.

Bonus #3

Done For You Review Blog

It’s much "easier" for customers to trust a product or an offer when they see a review on it . . .

This is why we created this review blog as a special bonus for this upgrade offer!

With this bonus, you can easily create highly convincing reviews about your virtual tours services, spice it up with some social proofs and testimonials... and booooom! You'll soon become the trusted go-to guy for anything VR.

You can also make money from this review blog; by flagging a full-blown review blog on virtually any kind of products, ranging from software, info products, physical products, etc. 

Just set-up the blog following our detailed guide, put up reviews and add affiliate links - there'll be no cap to the amount of revenue you can generate with this model!

Bonus #4

The Problem And Promise Worksheet

A detailed worksheet for beginners to create a magnetic message that’ll turn their prospects into raving fans

The "Problem and Promise Worksheet" is a hands-on blueprint that we created in-house and have been able to develop and tweak for conversion over the years!

This worksheet takes you step by step through  a system that'll help you create your offer and marketing message in such a way that it resonates well with your prospects and aims to turn them from just being prospects or window shoppers into raving fans and brand ambassadors.

So with this, you can create a sales system that works; and with your access to the VideoTours360 app - you can deliver a professional virtual service, leaving your clients happy and your pockets heavy.

Pick up access to the VideoTours360 ULTIMATE today and get access to this awesome bonus.

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